The Sound Of Emotion
Musician/Composer/Sound Creator


I have always been in awe of how powerful music can be for story tellers; the creators of messages.  For me, music is the sound of emotion.  My music comes from a deep passion to explore and express the vivid sounds of the experiences we see and feel in our journeys.  I try to help Directors and other creators of film, TV and media to bring their ideas and stories to life.  And my hope is to help these creators bring something unique and memorable to their audiences. 

Below you will find samples of my more thematics compositions, other media, and underscores. On the Media page, you will find videos with examples of themes, underscores and trailers.  


Expressions In Fragility


Saint Mary's Arrival

Triumphant Walk

Descending Etude

Other Media

Our Planet Awaits

The Mars First Fix



Around Each Corner

Pulsating Drama

Gentle Reprise



Embrace Your Passion

Since I was a teenager, I have always been passionate about music. The power it has to communicate and underscore emotion has always left me in awe. I think that's what draws me to film scores and the drive to be a film composer. 

A Musician

I started playing guitar in my teens, having studied with an amazing group of teachers, from contemporary, through classical to my days at Humber College's renowned Jazz program. At Humber my major was guitar and my minor was piano. 

Be Inspired By Everything

I am truly inspired by all facets of life and feel the emotion embedded in those moments; from a simple sign of affection between two people to important actions around the world by the many.


Let's Connect

Do you have questions, want to talk about a project, or collaborate on a new piece? Reach out and let's talk.

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